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#1 April 10 2022


Changing the account on Thomson Tg585v7

I recently found my 9-10 year old Thomson tg585v7, which I purchased through ogero, and I'm using user/user to log in. I'm attempting to switch the account to my existing landline to see how well it works, But user/user only gives Lan_Privilege which doesn't allow changing the account.

I tried: admin/admin, administrator/blank, admin/blank. Also L(number)/the last 2 numbers of the L 3 times. L(number)/landline phone number. Any suggestions? there's a sticker on the router with L(number) and under it there's "Mazzaa" written.


#2 April 10 2022


Re: Changing the account on Thomson Tg585v7

You can simply take it to Ogero - "Mina Hoson" and ask them to reset it and give you admin privileges.
Tell them that you bought it from a friend of yours and you'd like to test it on your own Landline.

You need to provide your landline number though.


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