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#1 January 21


iphone 13 or 13 pro

So I'm currently in the market searching for a new phone after having the note 9 for more than 3 years, unfortunately non of the new android phones have really got my attention specially after putting my hope on the pixel 6 pro. So long story short I'm thinking of switching to apple and I am really impressed with the new iphone, but my question knowing both having the same screen size, is it worth to buy the 13 pro or should I stick with the 13?


#2 January 21


Re: iphone 13 or 13 pro

'Worth' is a subjective thing :) what does 200-250$ mean to you? The 13 Pro has many advantages over the 13, such as build quality, better battery life, a telephoto lens, 120Hz LTPO variable refresh rate display that has higher brightness, a better GPU and more RAM. It depends on what you want/need. Personally I went for the Pro Max.


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