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#1 December 29 2021


Share your solar setup in Lebanon

For the people who have solar in Lebanon can you please share your setup, brand, price, and feedback?

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Re: Share your solar setup in Lebanon

Re-opening this thread as it is the talk of the hour now, and I am more than happy to share my setup and answer your solar questions.

My setup:
Inverter: Axpert (AKA Voltronic) VM III TWIN 6000W 48V (off-grid), dual programmable output
Batteries: 4 x 200AH Eastman tubular gel (tested before purchase)
Panels: 8 x 480-530 Bifacial Q-Cells

Premium breaker box including protection fuses, earth grounding, programmable breakers, and voltmetre/amperemeter for AC input & system output.

Total cost: 5500$

If you have any concerns or questions let me know

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Re: Share your solar setup in Lebanon

My setup:
Axpert MKS II 8KW
12x600 watt OMNIS power panels
8x tubular batteries

We honestly don't know what we paid purely for the solar system, maybe around 8000$, because the total work cost us 12000$ because we had to remodel and rework parts of the roof to fit it in a nice looking way, and we installed a lot of protections and I mean a lot, against over and under voltages, against thunder. We also made the circuit board in a way where we can decide if we want the electricity from the grid to power the house and the inverter, or the house only, or nothing at all.

In summer so far very satisfied, we never need any extra input, however I do turn on the government's electricity at night only because it makes mathematical sense, the government electricity currently is cheaper to buy than degrading your batteries by using them.


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