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#1 November 9 2021


Complying with the GPL license

I have a GPL license question:
I have a web-based software to be sold as SAAS, I have one library used in this software licensed under GPL. I did not modify this library, I just use it as part of my system.

Do I have the right to do that? Am I legally obliged to make my whole system open-source? Any possible solution to protect myself from any legal liability?
P.S. I know GPL is meant to protect the open-source world from abuse, but my company has put some investment in this software and we need to know our options before going public.

Thank you


#2 November 10 2021


Re: Complying with the GPL license

AGPLv2 or v3 - you can use it, just keep sources of it.
GPLv2 - all linked software have to be opensourced, if you ship/sell this software someone else.
GPLv3 - you have to opensource everything, if you provide SaaS service.

Not legal advice, my subjective opinion and understanding of the difference between these libraries.


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