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#1 September 2 2021


which Modem router is compatible with FTTC?

Hey everyone

I need to know what kind of modem router do I need for FTTC? Is it a fiber modem or would a VDSL one like the one in this link be enough?

https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-network … /td-w9960/

For those who currently have FTTC, which modem are you using?

I would appreciate your tips as soon as possible. Thank you!


#2 September 6 2021


Re: which Modem router is compatible with FTTC?

The modem router you linked to is not compatible with FTTH. You need a ONT (Optical Network Terminal) modem that can either be a modem router or simply a modem (you'd have to connect a router to that ONT). The one that is used by Ogero is the Huawei EchoLife HG8141A5 ONT modem router. It's pretty good IMO, I don't know if other geeks here use a different ONT, or if Ogero allows you to get your own ONT.  You could always connect your own router to it using a WAN connection if you're not satisfied, or if you want a 5ghz band for example.


#3 September 10 2021


Re: which Modem router is compatible with FTTC?

FTTC is ADSL/VDSL (internet via phone/landline)
FTTH is fiber (internet via fiber cable)

Better check with your internet provider anyway

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