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#1 May 5 2021


Renting Kimsufi servers in Lebanon

Hello, anyone here with Kimsufi ? I have a lot of questions:

1) Do they accept credit cards issued in Lebanon ?
2) Do they charge a one-time setup fee ?
2) Do they charge VAT for non-European residents ?
3) Do their offers include full/root access to the server ?
4) How many days in advance do you have to let them know in case you wish to cancel your subscription at the end of a given month ?
5) Do they allow both public and private torrents (for both downloading and uploading/seeding) ?
6) Is the monthly quota (both download and upload) unlimited ?
7) Is 100 Mbps the minimum guaranteed  connection speed or the maximum speed ?
8) Do their servers also come with an IPv4 address ?

Thanks in advance.


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