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#1 April 12 2021

Black Sheep

Souk Mafi Metlo

I was browsing olx for a gaming headset and came across this shop, it has a webpage and a Facebook page, the prices seem cheap so I assume they are selling refurbished products. Has someone tried them? And is there anything fishy about them other than the name?


#2 April 12 2021


Re: Souk Mafi Metlo

Hey, so i bought a hyperx cloud 2 headset for around 115k from them plus 5k delivery, the dollar rate was around 2400 at the time and the headset is very good except for a small issue with mic static which then they replaced my headset 6months or more after i ordered it so i think they are not bad, beware the packaging might be a little scratched but the product should mostly be fine because it is open box items mostly.


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