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#1 March 9


Xatab passed away

Xatab (real name Radik, he was 60) is one of the best in the game repacking industry. His website was always up to date with the  latest game versions and his repacks were always clean and professionally done.
He was a very kind-hearted old man, who was helping millions of people around the world.

He passed away on March 6 from the complications of viral pneumonia, which developed against the background of a severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Even periodic exacerbations of a protracted illness could not take him away from business for a long time... "The guys are waiting!" he used to say !

The administration of his website clearly stated there will be no further releases:
From his website:

Let me explain for the future. The “xatab” brand has no successors-heirs. New repacks from the author and updates of old ones will never appear. Beware of speculators who may want to take advantage of the situation.


#2 March 9


Re: Xatab passed away

This is Xatab photo.
As gamers say "Press F to pay respects."


#3 March 24


Re: Xatab passed away

Presses F, interesting that this particular photo is shared, given that 7atab means wood logs in Arabic.


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