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#1 February 8


Starting an e-commerce website in Lebanon

Hey guys, need your help please.

I'm in the process of making an e-commerce website.

Two scenarios i'm still considering:

First of all I live in lebanon

1- dropshipping website to sell in usa  (i need to know if i should register a company here or in usa or no need to register anything , just start selling?
Any legal liability to watch out for? Whether here or in the usa
I'm gonna use bob payment gateway, (I've been told it only needs "ra2em mele" which i can get )
is that enough ?

2- e-commerce website in lebanon to sell locally (not dropshipping ) , should i register a company or only start the website? Again the legal stuff i'm not really familiar with

Don't wanna get sued both ways? if anything wrong goes or pay huge fines in case they accuse me of being an illegal supplier.

I'd really appreciate your answer on this matter, thanks again


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