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#1 March 28 2020


Whatsapp call answer via bluetooth device

Hi there,

When I connect my phone, huwaei p20 pro, to a bluetooth device whether headset, speaker or android auto, I can perfectly answer a regular call via regular button, not the case when i am receiving a whatsapp call; i can only answer these calls from swiping the answer icon on the phone. I Looked online for a solution and it seems like a universal problem with no fix for android.
did any of you find a workaround or fix for this? maybe a way to reprogram the button on my headset?


#2 March 31 2020


Re: Whatsapp call answer via bluetooth device


I had the same issue and i made some reading about it, i think android gives the priority for ordinary voice calls, if you connect the phone to car Bluetooth, you will be able to answer whatsapp voice calls from car dashboard, i think for safety reason.


#3 March 31 2020


Re: Whatsapp call answer via bluetooth device

I can answer on my car or used tor, but each time whatsapp changes a bit, some features may not work.  I haven't had any long road trips lately to test out whatsapp calls though, but will keep it in mind.

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