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#1 February 24


Post your speedtest megathread

I want to see if there's a noticeable improvement in internet speeds nowadays so I thought I'd made this thread.
It's better to use testmy.net for testing since it cannot be cached by ISPs.
I'll start by posting mine.


This is a microwave connection. It's 2 subscriptions that I'm load balancing together (10mbps each) using a pFsense box that I made from an old PC. You can max out both connections during download/upload but you cannot use combined speeds during browsing/watching videos (it splits the load among devices during browsing/video streaming).

I Also hit around 60mbps on cached downloads like steam and PSN.

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#2 February 25


Re: Post your speedtest megathread

This is 4 Mbps Download and Upload wireless internet in Aramoun


I don't know how it works. But I get these speeds in the morning till the afternoon. It is limited by 5 Gigabytes every day and then the download speed will be 1Mbps but also I downloaded more than 25 GB in one day last week .


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