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#1 January 6


Build Minor Upgrade

Hello guys,

I have sold my motherboard, cpu and memory

Cpu: 4790
Mobo: asus h81m-c
Memory: 8gb ddr3

And i need your recommendations

So right now i have two options

Option 1: 7700 i7 cpu + z270-a asus + 16 gb ddr4 2166 memory (all are used) for 400$

Option 2: 8500 i5 cpu + mobo recommendation + memory [recommendations must not exceed 400$] (NEW)

Note: i have no problem with 8gb of ram, and i barely game nowadays...

I sold my old parts because my old asus z97 got fried and i couldnt find a decent mobo (1150 socket)

Thank you for your help guys

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