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#1 June 30 2018


Yuri's Revenge Tournament

Hello all,

I propose we set up an RA2 Yuri's Revenge Tournament here. The game is quite popular and I assume most of you know of it.

We can organize a fun tournament noobs and experts.

Let's gather 9 players + me.

In stage 1, all games will be duels. We will set the rules of stage 2 if stage 1 is successful.

Online platform: CNCNET
Map: to be announced. But a normal 1vs1 map. Expect low resources for faster paced games.
Starting money: 10k
Rules: no France. No other rules.

Me vs First Post.
Second post vs third post.
4th VS 5th
6th VS 7th
8th VS 9th

You can get started as soon as your match up is ready. This means that me and the first poster can start our match as soon as we want.

For the results, post a screenshot of the outcome of your match.

As a fun addition, the loser of the match may reveal the tactic that made his opponent win. For example, my then losing opponent may come here and post "Adnan used the dirty rush tactics, make sure to build your defences early to knock him out". This will help my stage 2 opponent get Intel about me.

Who's in?

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#2 July 1 2018


Re: Yuri's Revenge Tournament

Haven't Micro'd in RTS games for a long time. Pretty cool stuff tho, GL


#3 July 1 2018


Re: Yuri's Revenge Tournament

I would join if it were C&C Generals Zero Hour over Hamachi network


#4 July 4 2018


Re: Yuri's Revenge Tournament

i'm 100% in, i already play it from time to time on cncnet, but it's way more fun in a network cafe and so far i have not found any of the new ones that opened up have ra2 installed, and the ones that do it barely works, and has a lot of crashes..

at any rate, i'm always up for some quick games of ra2, i am usually home by 9pm, so hit me up if you want to lose play some games

red alert and micro never go in the same sentence, it's one of the least micro intensive rts available, part of what makes it so popular


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