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#1 February 15 2018

Tech Guru

AC Origins 2160p / 60 Fps Settings

What are your images settings to tip 60fps (most of the time locked) with AC Origins on 2160p.

I am using a single Asus Strix 1080ti Gaming OC ( Which I OC further to tip a Boost Clock of 2035mhz -stable performance with good temperatures.


Screen shoot me ur settings to a have a nearly 60fps on 2160p using an i7 and 1080ti.


#2 February 16 2018


Re: AC Origins 2160p / 60 Fps Settings

This is exactly why even with my I7 and 1080ti and 4k TV, I opted to play this on Ps4 pro. Not worth having 4 layers of drm and bad performance.


#3 February 19 2018

Tech Guru

Re: AC Origins 2160p / 60 Fps Settings

I  locked it to 45fps to prevent frame pacing issues ,Asus  1080ti  Gaming OC OC'd to 2035mhz , locked 45fps ultra 4k hdr - very demaning but gorgeous. Vsync Enabled , Very Enjoyable Experience. Every Thing Set to Ultra , with AA set Low. I rather play on 2160p on a 55 4K HDR TV (Sony X930E)  game very taxing especially  in Alexandria - Using a Single 1080ti you can tips 60fps but frequent dips in heavy combats or streets with a lot of geometry will cause frame pacing issues.








#4 February 19 2018


Re: AC Origins 2160p / 60 Fps Settings

Looks gorgeous :) the 1080ti is one kickass powerful card.


#5 February 23 2018

Tech Guru

Re: AC Origins 2160p / 60 Fps Settings


I found that with setting out in Nvidia Control Panel the HDR Requirements on my Sony  4K HDR TV :

10bit Color Depth
4 4 2 Chroma Subsampling
3840 x 2160p

Windows 10 might toggle it HDR ( in the Display Section) turn Off since it will hammer FPS down and frame pacing. The Game will detect that you have HDR by it self. Similar method I uisng with other HDR Comptiable Games.

My New Setting Are

Every Thing Maxed Out
AA to Low
Resolution: 2160p  with resolution scaling set to 0.8
HDR Enabled
Vsync Enabled
Fps  Limit set to 60fps
Clearity Set to High on the Sony which is BFI - Black Frame Insertion that smooth out things and eliminate any blur trials
Asus Strix 1080ti Gaming OC ,OC'd to 2025 mhz core clock

Result : Butter Smooth 60fps including heavy combat areas- HDR is awesome in this Game with gorgoeus graphics , playing on 60fps is much more fun compared to 30fps on PS4 or any frame pacing issues.


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