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#1 June 1 2017


Teens Who Code Summer Camp 2017

For those who are between 12 and 18 and are interested in joining the summer camp hosted by Teens Who Code during the month of July, registration is now open. It's a great opportunity to not only learn coding but also to get engaged with a like minded community and have a glimpse of the programming workspace in the real world.


#2 August 4 2017


Re: Teens Who Code Summer Camp 2017


Just a post-camp reflection...

Well guys, I was lucky to have the opportunity to teach kids(teens) Robotics/Arduino during this camp this summer, and I must say it was really impressive. Not talking about my class (though that was cool) but the overall experience the kids had. During the camp, they were taken onto visits to startups all around BDD and then got to meet awesome guest speakers of their age sharing their experiences. What I like most though is the types of classes and atmosphere they give as it was not extremely technical, but more of relaxed self-development, seeing technical stuff as tools for whatever goals you had in mind.

So yeah idk, it was good


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