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#1 May 27 2017


CS GO exiting for a second and due to pop up

Dear All,

Recently my Laptop has been using McAfee and for about 3 months no problem has occured. Recently it asked me if I want to allow access to Steam-Boot Strapper and I allowed access. Since then everytime I play CS GO at least once it would minimze game play and take me desktop but nothing was there. Just for a second I see a mini box open and then close all of a second. Its so fast I cant see what it is but I think my eye caught something like x86. I tried to disable bootstrapper from McAfee firewall but then my steam loses internet connection ... What do I do?


#2 August 5 2018


Re: CS GO exiting for a second and due to pop up

Get rid of McAfee it is considered horrible for a piece of software, let alone antivirus. Get something a lot more reputable ( I can't name any because I don't use antivirus except for major problems).


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