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#1 February 17 2017


For Honor


I haven't seen any post about the game yet so here goes.

Has anyone tried the game?
If yes, is it worth buying:
-in terms of gameplay (does it become repetitive and boring like most Ubisoft games)?
-in terms of connection as it is P2P based connection and lack of dedicated servers to host the games?

Thanks in advance for your answers. (:


#2 February 17 2017


Re: For Honor

I did not try it and it does not interest me.

This is partly because of Ubisoft maybe. Their games lately have been repetition at its best. Far cry and Assassin's Creed come to mind. For Honor does not seem like a compelling game because it looks it will contain repetitive stuff. The only gameplay portion that may be exciting is the one on one fighting. But for me, Ubisoft's games have been less compelling lately.

Just to note, this is my opinion off of gameplay trailers and not the actual game and so you may take my opinion with a grain of salt. There are a bunch of games coming out that are much more interesting than For Honor and I don't have the time or interest to try it out or play it.

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#3 February 18 2017


Re: For Honor

One of the best games i ever played , it keeps up untill morning


#4 February 18 2017


Re: For Honor

Thanks for the replies guys.

Can you elaborate alittle bit more ManOwaRR?

Did you experience any connection issues of any type during your game play?

Which game modes did you try? Which ones appealed to you the most?

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#5 February 20 2017


Re: For Honor

I played the closed beta and the open beta 10 days ago on my Xbox One,
Personally I enjoyed playing the game, but I didn't get it yet, waiting for more reviews. or waiting to find it used (recently 70$ ma wa2ta ! :) )
The game has a story mode where you can play with all the three factions (as I read), and I noticed that they put an effort on their multiplayer, where you have daily/weekly missions, you can earn coins completing them and upgrade your favorite character.
Plus the rest normal modes domination/ fighting 1 on 1 / etc....
Also they have Bots on all the multiplayer modes, so if you cant find anyone you can put AI bots and go on

Its graphics and the way the environment looks like around you ... gorgeous.
My ping on the open beta was great, I got 4 out of 4 green bars,

I like the idea of the sword fighting game and its defense technique,

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