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#1 October 25 2016


Installing windows 10 on a new hard drive?

hay guys hope you can help me as you always do . i removed my old ssd from my main computer. it carries genuine windows 10. i want to put it on another computer. the second computer is working and have windows 7 not genuine. i will buy genuine windows 10 OEM, and i want to install the windows on the second pc.  do i use the windows 10 available on the ssd to boot up and then activate it with another serial number or it will make conflict and problems ? what is the best way.
note i dont have windows 10 DVD or CD...


#2 October 26 2016


Re: Installing windows 10 on a new hard drive?

Buy a windows 10 CD/DVD for 3,000LL or download the ISO from somewhere and flash it to a usb.


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