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#1 December 12 2012


Thinking Ahead iPhone 6

I've been using Apple's iPhone products ever since they have been invented and with the release of the new iPhone 5 I think Apple is starting to run out of design ideas both in software and hardware design. To tell you the truth, iOS hasn't changed that much, the interface is still pretty much the same basic springboard with the apps on the home screen and additions such as notification center, Siri, and multitask have been the only actual major  interface changes Apple has brought to iOS. Apple's competition Android and Windows 8 Mobiles are slowly gaining the advantage when it comes to innovative interfaces and operating systems.
On the other hand the hardware jump apple made from the 3GS to the iPhone 4 in terms of design was pretty good, the internal specs of iDevices have been getting better and better every generation, but ever since the iPhone 4 Apple and their customers haven't been seeing a new form of iPhone ever since the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is thinner and longer but it generally looks the same. I also think that making the screen longer but not wider looses the magical screen ratio that worked so well on the previous generations. The Samsung Galaxy SIII for example has a much more proportionate screen for watching videos and playing games, whereas the iPhone 5 looks like an elongated iPhone 4S.
The iPhone 5S is most definitely going to keep the shape of its predecessor, but internal hardware changes will be made. I hope Apple makes big changes to their next OS because iOS 6 has been a disappointment.
What I expect, or want in the iPhone 6 is the same thinness and light weight feeling you would get from the iPhone 5 but with a longer and wider screen to bring back the ratio that worked so well previously. I also heard that removing the home screen button was something Apple is testing, I would love a boarderless screen to take up the most of the front of the iPhone and maximize the ability to utilize a bigger screen.
This is what I would like the iPhone 6 to look like:
iPhone 6


#2 December 12 2012


Re: Thinking Ahead iPhone 6

LCDs, SAMOLEDs, etc cannot have curved edges. That's first, and that is a major design lacking here ^^^


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