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#1 March 21 2012


Problem with Javascript Cookies

Been trying to use cookies using Javascript. Basically I checked this link on w3schools http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_cookies.asp and tested it on localhost.

It worked fine, I checked the cookies on Chrome and everything is there, but when I move the code to the website, things get messy.

Basically I have a small icon image that's defined in header.php, so basically it's showing on every page of the website, and when the user clicks the image, I want to set a cookie that saves the background color of the website's body. Now when I'm on the homepage and I click it, it does set the cookie and if I refresh the page, it does retrieve it and sets the background color to the newly 'cookied' one.

The problem is when I access another page on the website, say www.mywebsite.com/about and click that small icon, it adds a totally NEW cookie on the website, although both cookies have the same name, the Path seems to change. This doesn't happen on localhost ...

How can I keep updating the same cookie on my entire website without creating a new cookie if the user clicks on the image icon on different pages?

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#2 March 22 2012


Re: Problem with Javascript Cookies

You can try to set cookie path to root "/"


#3 March 22 2012


Re: Problem with Javascript Cookies

I could swear I tried that before and it didn't work, but it just worked now!

The setCookie code:

function setCookie(c_name,value,exdays)
	var exDate=new Date();
	exDate.setDate(exDate.getDate() + exdays);
	var c_value=escape(value) + ((exdays==null) ? "" : "; expires="+exDate.toUTCString() + "; path=/");
	document.cookie=c_name + "=" + c_value;

Thanks Elie.


#4 March 22 2012


Re: Problem with Javascript Cookies

A word of advice, use the Mozilla Developer Network instead of w3schools. The latter is full of outdated material and has nothing to do with the W3C despite their name.


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