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#1 January 16 2012


General Website Questions

Hey there,
We're taking on this project to redesign a website, so before i head up to the meeting tomorrow i thought i'd go prepared.
1- i have this add-on for Mozilla called "Wappalyzer" , it gives me the Web frameworks used, java script frameworks, web server etc... so i'm good in that area.
2- is there a way to find out if the website has a back-end ? ( such as looking in the source file for a certain extension or such ? ) I tried the conventional www.mysite/admin got the page not found .
3-considering the website doesn't have a back-end, can i ask the website's developer to give them permission to change skin, flash pictures, news in an easier way ? Without resorting to FTP Programs ?

The website uses Microsoft ASP.NET, and IIS as a web server.

PM me and i'll link you the website if needed...

Many thanks !


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